Imagination Brings You Forward


One of The top challenges companies face regarding corporate innovation is fostering an internal culture of experimentation and innovation

54% of innovating companies struggle to bridge the gap between innovation strategy and business strategy

Although 84% of executives agree that innovation is important to growth strategy, only 6% are satisfied with innovation performance


The Perspectiviz Corporate Innovation Case Competition brings the business case method into a global competition format.

The key objectives of the Competition are to:
 promote innovation and bridge the gap between dreams and reality
 Nurture future innovation skills
 Broaden perspectives on innovation
 Develop creative thinking in the areas which seem not creative including SCR, Sustainability or Employees Wellness
 Promote diversity and inclusion
 Enhance international connectivity

We strongly believe that corporations and society benefit enormously from innovation.


USD 250

/ person

USD 1,000

/ person



Five teams composed of five professionals will have to crack the case study and compete in one of the three categories:
– Sustainability
– Employees Wellness

The teams will have to submit the presentation in video format in advance, and participate in a live online Q&A session as per randomly assigned time slots.


Teams of 5 professionals  employed in the same company are eligible to form a team.

1. All Corporate participants must be age 18 or older.
2. All teams must have one designated team captain


9 November – Day One: Welcome session, Networking session, Growth Mindset Workshop
10 November – Day Two: CSR
11 November – Day Three: Sustainability
12 November – Day Four Employee Empowerment
13 November – Day Five: Results Announcement




Video Presentations

Teams will receive a case study by email and have 5 hours to submit a slide deck and Zoom video of the presentation.

Participants can work from any other location, however, team members should not be in the same room while solving the case, recording video or answering the questions during the Q&A session.

Presentation should last a maximum of 20 minutes.  Perspectiviz will provide the presentation template and the title slide template that needs to be inserted at the beginning of the video.

Perspectiviz team will screen the videos and will make the videos available to Judges.

Live Q&A sessions

 Only the team, organizers and judges will be allowed in the Q&A sessions room.15 minute Q&A session will be scheduled and team members from particular team are required to participate. The Q&A session will be held via Zoom software.


List of Judges

Coming Soon

More Info

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