Impact Study

Perspectiviz redefines thinking but it also redefines goals. We find it utterly important to measure the impact of how understanding of Perspectiviz concepts may influence participants life and careers. Furthermore, the insights give us and understanding how to improve our methodology and deliverables.

Key Findings:

  • Majority of participants agree that their critical skills improve after the course
  • All participants think thatunderstanding principles of Perspectiviz will improve their work performance.
  • 95% participants would recommend the course to others
  • Majority of participants realized that their decisions are often influenced by irrelevant factors.


Participants and organizers are enthusiastic to see that the knowledge and exercises contributed to a mindset change. The participants understood more about their cognitive skills and learned how to use those skills more efficiently in personal and professional environment. The findings also advocate for the methods used in the course.