Perspectiviz Online

The online edition of the Perspectiviz course is an excellent opportunity for participants to learn unique skills that will benefit them in a global context. The current business environment promotes meetings and discussions with colleagues remotely. It requires analyzing business situations, forming plans, and executing virtual teams via online tools such as teleconferencing or collaborative software.

Why online

Communication set in virtual context limits human touch, emotions, and engagement. The new, virtual model of communication requires new habits, new forms of interaction, and new perspectives to understand interlocutors and the world. Perspectiviz online, other than covering the regular syllabus, goes a step deeper into analyzing emotional intelligence to explore its lack, substitutes, or compensation in a digital context.


Perspectiviz as an approach that extends to philosophy, cognitive psychology, behavioral economics, and related fields that analyze, explain, and train human-to-human and human-to-business skills. Our Online Masterclasses provide you with valuable insights. These are delivered by experts in their fields and complement the Perspectiviz method.