Perspectiviz is strategically designed for you to complete in seven (7) consecutive modules. It encourages you to gain new perspectives. It also challenges you to map out the disruption or pivot processes to maximize brand evolution. The method provides a comprehensive step by step roadmap to achieve the outcomes.

You Should Attend if:

  • You are looking to stand out from your competitors.
  • You are looking to reorient, disrupt, or pivot your business model.
  • You are a business leader, executive, decision-maker, or strategist.



Structure & Benefits

Class Size

In-house programs will have upwards of 25 participants. Training is based on the workshop model, where you will be divided into groups to discuss, do exercises, and present your ideas.

Certification (Optional, No Extra Cost)
When you complete the training and hand in all your assignments, you will receive a certificate that you can then share on your professional communication channels.

You will enjoy professional recognition in your business carrier.

You can use the certification logo in your portfolio, credentials, LinkedIn profile, or other forms of communication.